Why Deux Avions?

"Deux Avions" or "Two Planes" in English represents the two distinct yet complimentary missions of the brand's co-creators.

Deux represents 2Live1Mind7 who believes that through the arts, 2 or more separate lives can be brought together under 1 common mindset (LOVE) to complete the task of being truly human. This ideal is further encapsulated in the first half of our creed; CREATIVITY.
Finding new solutions to old problems.
That self-same creative spirit that inspires and unites us all.

A simple acronym which happens to encapsulates the entirety of his artistry, ef.aye.m(e) explains that, "P.L.A.N.E stands for Positive Living Alters Nearly Everything." No matter how positive it may appear, no one thing, person, situation or the like will ever be completely and utterly unaffected by the negative. The very nature of the universe mandates this balance. In life, you will face hardships, disappointments and setbacks. To not acknowledge this would be a subtle form of willful insanity. Life is about accepting the negativity of everyday reality as a universal constant and then consciously deciding to elevate into a higher frequency. Positivity doesn't mean ignorant or blind kindness. It means conscious elevation in every situation. It is the embodiment of FREEDOM. No longer being bound by negativity or dissenting voices. Instead being propelled by the higher frequency of your highest self. 


Our purpose (FLGHT PLVN) is for all the designs, pieces, products, sounds and visuals you find featured on this site to further stoke the flames of creativity and freedom already in you. Creativity to express yourself and the freedom to do so. 


Is totally up to you. That's the whole point. CREATIVITY & FREEDOM.  As you wage your own personal COMPLeX wAR to elevate your own community everyday, we only hope to provide you with pieces of inspiration along the way. 

Your Pilots

2Live1Mind7 & ef.aye.m(e) are two artist who have merged their individual artistic passions in order to create a space in hopes of accomplishing a goal that is greater than the sum total of their parts; to contribute boundless, thought-provoking, pieces of creation in order to elevate all who wish to partake.

For more info on 2Live1Mind7 & ef.aye.m(e) follow their links over at our "CVLL SGNS" page.