S_p_a_c_e_*_tripp'n:, Pt. 1


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S_p_a_c_e_*_tripp'n:, Pt. 1
S_P_A_C_E_*_Tripp'n: Part 1 is a concept beat tape that chronicles the expedition of the first crew of humans to venture pass the interstellar medium and into deep-space. Through a colossal scientific breakthrough, the human race has been enabled to throw off the boundaries of light speed and bend space itself to visit the most distant of spaces in only a year's time. 

The best part about all of this is that you have been selected as a guest passenger on the ship! The only conceivable draw back is that time will remain the same on Earth. All in all, the journey will take place in 1 year but will cost you and your crew 100 years Earth time. Our mission: Deep Contact. Contact with ourselves, our truth and our lies. We know we are not alone. The problem, we will soon realize is just how much alike we are as well...

Short and sweet this tape is meant to be listened to in succession as you trip to work or school. I trade you a journey for a journey. Lose yourself to space-time as you follow the epic of a brave crew trying not do the same. Allow the song description to act as your North star but in the end let the music take you wherever you where it was intended...Deep Space & Thought.


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